Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Episcopal Elevator Pitch

The Acts 8 BLOGFORCE has issued a challenge to craft an elevator speech of 250 words or less for the Episcopal Church. I love this idea, if only because of its deceptive simplicity. Coming up with a message that is (a) distinctive enough to be memorable, (b) positive (not tearing down other believers), and (c) general enough to actually be delivered on in most congregations is actually a pretty tall order.

But that's not going to stop me - here's my attempt. Post yours in the comments, on your own blog (follow the link for instructions), or on the Acts 8 Moment's Facebook page.

I wasn't raised religiously - for much of my life I was an atheist. But while I was in college a strange, powerful experience caused me to understand resurrection as the way God works, and led to a faith in Jesus. I hope we can talk about that experience sometime.
I chose the Episcopal Church as the place to learn about my newfound faith because of its profound sense of connection. Our worship is flexible, but it's rooted in rituals and prayers established many centuries ago, adapted for the modern world. I love that our church offers a daily cycle of prayers that people can say in groups or alone, and know that literally thousands of other people are doing the same thing. 
I love that the way we govern ourselves reflect that we believe that all people, men and women, lay and clergy, are equal before God. I love that when I walked away from the church for three years and returned, I was welcomed without judgment.
I don't have a specific opinion about the afterlife, but it means a lot to me that virtually all of our prayers acknowledge the dead, and that future generations will do the same for me. I know that I am not very significant in the universe, but taking my place in the Episcopal Church constantly reminds me that I am part of something big.